Tips for anyone considering traveling ...

If you pack your bags to get on a plane as cheaply and conveniently as possible, AirHelp, a company that specializes in the protection of air passengers' rights, has developed a set of tips to keep in mind when thinking about the next trip.
Tips for anyone considering traveling ...
  1. Know when to find the best airfares, according to AirHelp, airlines have a habit of publicizing promotions on Monday, so it's Tuesday or Wednesday may be the best days to buy tickets. By mid-week, air fares have already been reduced, but not yet exhausted.
  2. Take a snack for the younger ones, eat or drink can help balance the pressure in the ears, so giving children a snack during take-off and landing makes them more comfortable and well-disposed.
  3. Choose lightweight baggage, resist temptation and take as little as possible is an art that makes traveling more comfortable. If you do not need those pants or coat, it's best to leave them at home and carry less weight 'on the back'.
  4. Do not give up your place on overbooked flights, giving up your seat on the plane in case of overbooking is a risk, although they promise you upgrades or other offers. After you stay ashore, you may come to regret it.

  5. Make copies or take photographs of documents, have photocopies of documents (passport, visa or citizen's card) can make it easier to replace them in case of losing documents or being stolen while traveling. Store the copies in a different location from the original or take photos, which can be stored online.
  6. Escape from direct flights with stops, keep in mind that the fact that a flight is direct does not mean that there is no stop at any airport. Remember that direct flight is not the same as direct 'non-stop' travel.
  7. Take a first aid kit, even if it is not desirable, health problems or incidents can happen at any time. Always take analgesics or anti-inflammatories and bandages with you. In addition, it may also carry a decongestant and an antidiarrheal medicine.