Male and female fertility #truthormyth

Male and female fertility #truthormyth

Can radiotherapy and chemotherapy lead to infertility?

Truth. Reproductive cells undergo genetic changes with the use of therapies to fight cancer. To avoid them, it is important to extract and freeze the eggs and sperm.

Can a natural abortion decrease the chances of getting pregnant?

Myth. The interruption of a pregnancy, by itself, when it occurs naturally, does not disturb the new pregnancies.

However, if these interruptions are recurrent, the woman may suffer from some uterine malformation, or inflammatory / infectious changes such as chronic endometritis, submucous fibroids, immune dysfunctions and thrombophilia. Good research with appropriate examinations such as diagnostic hysteroscopy, MRI, 3D ultrasound, hysterosonography, and blood tests can lead to the correct diagnosis. Treatment of natural miscarriage can lead to damage inside the uterus, so it is important to seek your reliable gynecologist when the abortion occurs.

Does obesity disrupt fertility?

Truth. In women, obesity causes important hormonal dysfunctions that impair the menstrual cycle and ovulation. In men, it alters the metabolism and directly interferes with the mobility and the shape of the spermatozoa, which have their capacity for fertilization decreased.

Can Polycystic Ovaries Prevent Women From Getting Pregnant?

Myth. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (POS) can cause a lack of ovulation and, consequently, infertility. Even so, a woman with POS, who wants to become pregnant, can be treated in a variety of ways: from programmed sexual intercourse to artificial insemination. There are women who, even with the disease, become pregnant naturally.

Can excessive exercise leave women sterile?

Truth. Excessive physical exercise and the adoption of a diet low in fat, added to the high load of physical and emotional stress, can provoke amenorrhea, that is, the total absence of menstruation. This set of factors alter hormone production. In addition, as a form of natural defense of the body, which is devoid of nutrients for its own survival, ovulation can be disrupted.