Does your child save money?

With or without an economic crisis in sight, saving money is always synonymous with playing safe and the earlier you start, the better.
Although the direct inclusion of money in a child's life depends on family to family, the truth is that once the first allowance or pay is paid, there is a need for parents to encourage their children to save and explain the true meaning of the money.

Does your child save money?
Talking about the topic is always an option to have in count, but success, that is, the creation of a small little bit, depends on some daily gestures that parents should carry out:
1. Be an example to follow;
2. Give responsibility to the child;
3. To show that it is only with commitment and dedication that one has wealth;
4. Show that financial stability is the key to a happier life.
Parents should look at their children as little men/woman, explaining to them that money does not fall from the sky and that if they spend it from a settled one they will no longer have to buy what they want or even need.
For parents who want to instill responsibilities in a more fun way, they can always choose to put a card with a rule along with the envelope where the money is in the allowance.
The piggy bank is (and will always be) another way of encouraging savings.