Green tea helps even to lose weight

When the goal is to say goodbye to extra pounds, one of the most important aspects is to keep the body hydrated so that the body functions normally and thirst is no longer confused with hunger.
Drinking water throughout the day is one of the things to keep in mind, but for those who want to lose weight faster and still be able to ingest more nutrients, there is nothing like including green tea in the daily routine.
The science has no doubt and there are several studies that point to green tea as the elixir of weight loss, as the website Eat This, Not That!. This drink is one that most effectively speeds up metabolism, a factor that, by itself, helps to lose a few pounds.

Green tea helps even to lose weight
But the power of green tea goes far beyond that. The publication says that this drink activates good fat, that is, one that is metabolically active and that promotes a greater expenditure of calories. In addition, green tea is still able to cope with fat cells and visceral fat, preventing its accumulation.
Since it also helps regulate blood sugar levels and still low triglyceride levels, this tea assumes itself as an ally in the prevention of type 2 diabetes, a disease that often goes hand in hand with obesity.
By containing caffeine, green tea is still a boost of energy, helping to improve performance in training and also to recover more easily from them.
It is also an ally of beauty and heart.