Are you having doubts about your love relationship?

Sometimes there are situations or discussions that put the relationship to the test and the doubts may arise, but not always that means that they are not the right pair.
While it is difficult to be absolutely sure that someone is the right person for you, there are signs that can clearly indicate that your partner is not the right one for you.

Are you having doubts about your love relationship?
1. Your core values ​​are very different. These kinds of values ​​are non-negotiable, by persisting in a relationship with someone who has opposing core values, as well as being a great challenge, may be bound to fail. For example, if an element of the couple has always dreamed of having children and the other does not want at all to be a parent, the situation will be difficult. Although one of the members may eventually change his mind, this should never happen due to peer pressure.

2. Take it for granted. If your partner decides everything in the relationship, does not take into account your opinion and feelings and still has an individualistic and selfish attitude leaving you apart several times, that is to say that you take for granted and do not strive for both Have a satisfactory role in the relationship.
3. You do not respect him. Relationships require mutual respect among peers. The lack of respect can manifest itself in many ways, from emotional abuse to the passive-aggressive attitude.
4. Do not value your emotional or sexual needs. If your partner or partner expects you to drop everything and agrees to please him, you are not even considering that you also have your needs. If you do not remember the last time your partner noticed your needs and tried to satisfy them in some way, however small they may have been, then that may indicate that you do not care much about yourself.
5. Likes to be careful but does not care. Do you feel that you spend your time worrying about your partner's well-being and the opposite never happens? So they probably have more of a parent-child relationship than a couple.