Was there a personal air cooler?

So far, probably the only way to cool the air (whether at work or at home) was either the air conditioner installed, or by resorting to the classic (and always useful) fan.

Adding to these solutions has available the Evapolar, a personal air cooler.

Was there a personal air cooler?

It is an equipment developed by a Russian company that is not only friendly to the environment, but is also portable, easy to use, has a low consumption of electricity and does not require installation costs.

With basalt nanofibers, there is evaporation of water when this air conditioner is turned on, which cools the surrounding area to 17 degrees. In front of a full water tank, the operation can be extended to eight hours. With the emptying of the container, the Evapolar becomes a common fan.

The equipment is much more than an air cooler: it also deals with an air purifier and a humidifier.