Want to speed up your metabolism?

In addition to the right choice of food, exercise, a stress-free lifestyle and good quality of sleep, there is a fundamental aspect to achieving healthy weight loss: educating the metabolism.
An accelerated metabolism is half way to lose weight, burn fat and have a stronger and more resilient immune system, able to cope with all aggressive agents and that do nothing more than increase the inflammatory markers (alone able to promote the accumulation of fat in the most critical areas).

Want to speed up your metabolism?
According to Health magazine, these are the most effective ways to get your metabolism up:
1. Lift more weights. According to expert Alissa Rumsey, lifting weights helps burn more calories, especially if the person works the various muscle groups at the same time;
2. Eat protein in the morning and afternoon. In large meals and snacks it promotes a greater sensation of satiety, improves muscle composition and does not let the metabolism 'fall asleep';
3. End stress. Stress does nothing more than leave the body in shock and unable to act and its negative consequences are still noticeable in the loss of calories. Did you know that more stressed people tend to burn 104 calories less than those who are calm?
4. Snack at night. It seems like a contradictory advice, but the truth is that some foods work better at night, speeding up the metabolism and regulating blood sugar levels;
5. Move the body ... a lot and always. Fighting sedentary lifestyle is the best way to deal with slow metabolism;
6. Stop counting calories, they are not all the same and counting them will do nothing but increase stress and possibly deprive the body of some key nutrientes.