Is your computer too slow?

A slow computer, in fact, makes anyone nervous. It may well be for one (or more) of these five reasons that your computer is not having the expected performance.


1- It is not organized: As happens even with people, doing too many things at the same time can make difficult the execution of each of them. Having lots of windows and open programs consumes memory and RAM, decreasing the performance of your computer. Shut down what you are not really using, or uninstall some program that you no longer use.

2- It's not clean: Erasing old photos and documents is sure to make your 'machine' more effective. If you do not want to delete these files at once, you can pass them to an external disk or a cloud.

3. Heats up too much: This is another problem that slows down the computer. Buy a cooler, a stand that helps prevent overheating. In addition, make sure that the air vents of the notebook are clean, the dust accumulated in these areas also helps the computer to overheat.

4- You have a virus: If you have Windows 8 or 10 or a Mac OS, your computer already has an anti-virus. Otherwise, it is best to buy one or install a free anti-virus.

5- You need to make software updates: How many times does the computer 'inform' you that there are updates to do that, as a rule, we always postpone? Well, updates have a rationale. They help make the computer faster and more efficient.