Habits that accelerate aging

No matter how innocent, routine and even practical the daily habits are, some can even accelerate internal and external aging.
This is what happens when you adopt multitasking as a lifestyle. Doing everything at the same time helps speed up the agenda and even have more free time, but it increases levels of stress, anxiety and irritation, a trio that stimulates the release of free radicals (capable of damaging the cells).
Sugar (whether refined, added or as extra components in processed foods) is another element that favors early aging, since when ingested it attacks the protein fibers of each cell, leaving the body unprotected and the skin more prone to dark circles or pores. Continuing on eating, not eating fat (good, of course) also causes aging to be faster, starting from the inside and mirroring from the outside.

Habits that accelerate aging
The habit of little or no sleep (ie five hours or less) is also quite painful not only for general health but also for appearance, internal and external aging comes faster to those who tend to spend hours on end watching television or tends to (something that usually happens with today's jobs) does not get up from the chair.
Although cosmetics do not work miracles, the truth is that external aging can be easily postponed with the use of specialized creams, in particular those who have vitamin A, a mineral that acts directly on skin health. And speaking of skin health, wearing sunscreen all year round and applying the most suitable skin type is also a way to prevent premature aging and of course the appearance of some diseases. Hence, not applying cream or opting for a wrong one and devaluing the importance of sunscreen are another factors that trigger premature aging.
Another habit that gives us more years of life (especially with regard to appearance) is the over-use of make-up, something that easily worsens when sleeping with it applied.
Keeping the house always warm (or even too hot) can cause dryness and inflammation of the skin, which in the medium and long term can result in wrinkles and dehydration.