Beware of sunburn

When summer arrives also frequent pilgrimages to the beach, the swimming pool or the nearest esplanade. This season brings a number of risks to health and well-being. One of them, as it could not fail to be, is skin cancer.

The effects of solar radiation on the skin are numerous and protection is the best way to prevent major evils, which can either arise immediately (with a sunburn, for example) or in the long term, with the onset of melanoma (type more aggressive skin cancer that may even be fatal).

The sunscreen starts in our head, with the awareness of the care

Beware of sunburn

Sun exposure is fundamental to people's health and dermatologists themselves are the first to recommend sunlight, not heliotherapy as a natural way to cure or treat pathologies (such as eczema or depression). However, it must be done with weight and size, avoiding prolonged and unprotected exposure, which considerably increases the risk of sunburn and subsequent cancer.

A sunburn is always an injury because it means that there was an aggression on the skin. It is a lesion on our skin that can affect DNA.

But in addition to the 'burned' effect the sun gives to the skin, the rays it emits may still have an 'immunosuppressive effect', which not only weakens the immune system, but can also re-activate some diseases such as cold sores. Tends to aggravate before the sun.

Is the risk of sunburn higher by the sea or extended on the towel?

Both snow and sand reflect the sun, a situation that in itself increases the risk associated with exposure. As far as sand is concerned, it has a capacity to mirror 15% of the sun's rays, however, lying on the sand can be safer than being by the sea or in water.

It is worse to be at the foot of the sea than lying on the sand, because [by the sea] we lose sensitivity [to the heat] due to the air or sea wind, which leaves us refreshed and unaware that the skin is burning, , Is most noticeable when lying in the sun. The sensation of skin to burn is even the most effective way to realize that you are at the mercy of the risks associated with the sun's rays.

Although the use of clothing is also a requirement for safe sun exposure, after all, we do not see anyone in the desert with their arms exposed, we must pay particular attention to one aspect: humidity. Wet clothes greatly increase the risk of radiation, serving as a springboard for the appearance of some skin problems associated with the sun.