Women's Fertility Restoration with Poppy Seed Oil

A century-old technique that helped detect X-ray infertility problems may actually restore the fertility of several women, according to a study by Professor Bem Mol, hysterosalpingography, a test used to check the permeability of the fallopian tubes , may help restore fertility.
Between 1917 and 1950 this examination, which consists of filling the fallopian tubes to analyze them with X-ray contrast, was done with poppy seed oil, but now this substance has been replaced by others based on water and oil.

Women's Fertility Restoration with Poppy Seed Oil
In the test of 1119 infertile women, water injected into the fallopian tubes and other poppy seed oil, the University of Adelaide professor found that 40 percent of women who received poppy seed oil were able to conceive naturally in six Months, compared to 29% of those who only received water in the fallopian tubes.
As reported by New Scientist, this study highlights that poppy seed oil can help clear any mucus or blockages in the fallopian tubes, thus restoring fertility in several women whose cause of infertility was this.