Want to run again after standing too long?

Whether it is for health reasons or the inability to manage one's own routine, many people are gradually giving in to sedentary lifestyle. Some will include one or another home yoga or pilates class upon waking or before bed, but the truth is that the body does not move in the most correct way.
Getting back to physical activity is critical to good body and mind health, but you have to take it easy and begin a workout routine gradually. In the case of the running, says the website Mind Body Green, there are three aspects to take into account and that allow a return to the training in great and healthy.

Want to run again after standing too long?
One of the first requirements is calmness. However much the will to get back on the road and to run farther and faster, it is necessary to slow down in the rhythm during the first races. Sports instructor Andia Winslow suggests that you begin with the walk and gradually intensify the pace, always taking into account the floor, which in the beginning should be as regular as possible to avoid possible injuries.
Combining strength training with the running routine is also a determining factor not only to strengthen muscles but also to give movement to the body as a whole.
Last but not least, there is hydration and rest, two aspects that go hand in hand and that should be taken seriously by those who return to the running. Since the body has been inactive for a long time and energy expenditure is going to be greater, water intake is essential to keep the body hydrated and rest is the best way to give the body everything it needs.