Hypertension results from an increase in the force with which the blood is pumped into the heart, exerting a greater impact on the wall of the arteries, which are resistant to the passage of blood, thus exerting a pressure equal to or greater than 140 / 90mmHg ( When 120 / 80mmHg - or 12 by 8 - is considered normal).
Anyone can experience pressure peaks in stressful situations or intense physical exercises. However, to be considered hypertensive, the patient must present above normal pressure most of the time.
Hypertension is silent and chronic, once acquired it is possible to control it, but there is no cure, so prevention is the best way to fight it.

And prevention is:
1. No smoking, tobacco and other substances on the cigarette raise the pressure immediately.
2. Avoid stress, controlling emotions and relaxing is key.
3. Controlling body weight, being overweight is often synonymous with high blood pressure because of the difficulty an obese heart has in circulating blood.
4. Practice exercise, physical activity contributes to the improvement of the circulatory system. But before starting any practice, it is important to consult a specialist.
5. Reducing salt intake, excess salt increases fluid retention, which can lead to hypertension.
6. Reduce sound volume, incredibly, daily exposure above 60 decibels increases the risk of hypertension.
7. Enjoy and listen to relaxing music, calm music enhances your breathing and your heart.
8. Pay attention to posture, sitting properly allows the pressure to remain unchanged, which does not happen when you are bent forward.