Do you take a morning or evening shower?

The morning shower may have the ability to help you wake up and feel prepared for the day ahead, but bathing before going to sleep may be the most advised for cleansing and health of the skin and body.
As Mona Gohara, a clinical professor of dermatology at Yale School of Medicine, told The Sun, the bath helps reduce inflammation of the skin by controlling a hormone called cortisol.
Waiting for the night to bathe may be the ideal way to cleanse the skin of all the dirt and toxins it has been storing throughout the day and still can help you get a cleaner sleep, since it will not take as many bacteria into the bed.

Do you take a morning or evening shower?
The specialist also points out that the night-time bath is an integral part of the bedtime routine and can be especially beneficial for those who have difficulty falling asleep or for those who have very stressful days.
Of course on those days when you wake up tired or sleepy or have to shave, you should opt for the morning shower, but be sure to take a shower at night whenever you can.