Cooking burgers perfectly

Although it is very easy to cook hamburgers, the truth is that there are several amateur mistakes you might be making when you try to replicate that wonderful hamburger you ate at a restaurant at home.

Cooking burgers perfectly
The site Pure Wow spoke to Ron Silver, chef at New York's Bubby's restaurant and has just released a burgers-only menu, revealing common mistakes he should try to correct:
1. To use the wrong meat, to ask in the butcher that they put meat to him almost without fat and later to make hamburgers is not a good idea. The chef says that the meat should have 20% fat, so that your hamburger is tasty and juicy.
2. Do not season well the meat, after shaping your hamburgers, and before putting them in a hot frying pan, you must season them generously with salt and pepper. These two seasonings will make the taste of the meat stand out and create a delicious crust.
3. Do not let the frying pan warm up enough, it should be very hot, to the point of steaming when you add the burgers. It's the heat of the frying pan that will make the meat get crisper on the outside and super juicy in the center. If the skillet is not hot not only will the burgers catch the bottom as they will look like a stew. On average you should let the burger cook four minutes on each side.
4. Forget the details, following the above tips will have a delicious and juicy burger, but it's important that you also work on the other ingredients of your burger, such as lightly toast the bread or keep the toppings super fresh or crunchy, so you can choose use.
5. 'Attack' the hamburger badly has just prepared it, it may be tempting to eat the delicious hamburger you just prepared, but in order to get the most flavor you should let the meat stand for six minutes before 'attacking'.