Cellulite, everything you need to know

Cellulite is the name given to the alteration of cutaneous tissue caused by the accumulation of fat cells in the connective tissue, thus enhancing adipose tissue.

When this happens the so-called 'orange peel' effect occurs, a condition caused by changes in circulation and deficiencies in the irrigation of the capillaries and small vessels, increasing the fibrous tissue.
Although cellulite is a common theme in conversations between friends, family members and even some specialists, the truth is that this condition is still the target of several misconceptions and even myths, which makes it difficult to treat and even The prevention of the appearance or worsening of the orange peel effect.


Cellulite, everything you need to know
Eat This, Not That! gathered some facts about this condition:
1 - Cellulitis is more common than we think, and science has already proven that close to 90% of women suffer from this condition (yes, even those who follow a healthy lifestyle);
2 - Cellulite is also a male issue, since 10% of men have cellulite in some part of the body (although it is more common in cases of being overweight, which is not the case with females);
3 - The cellulite is caused by the accumulation of fat and, therefore, its main booster is the feeding;
4 - If you do not choose genres, the cellulite also does not choose ages, nor so few physical forms, and can also appear in people considered lean;
5 - Cellulite can also be genetic, since there are several factors that trigger cellulite that have genetic origin, such as hormonal changes;
6 - Some diseases can boost or aggravate the appearance of cellulite, as with obsessive compulsive disorders, hypothermia and depression;
7 - There is a scale of measurement of cellulite. According to the Nurnburger-Muller scale, cellulite should be measured according to the holes it causes in the skin, and the zero scale applies when the cellulite is not visible even if the skin is pinched; The scale one applies when cellulite appears when you tighten the skin; Stage two classifies the appearance of dimples with the naked eye when standing; Already scale four is that which includes visible cellulite in the most varied situations (standing, sitting, lying, dancing, walking, etc.);
8 - Weight loss can help fight cellulite, since it always involves fat loss;
9 - However, weight loss can also aggravate cellulitis, especially when it is caused by certain pathologies. A study from the University of Cincinnati says that weight loss can make cellulite more evident;
10 - Strength training and that aim to tone the muscles can help to reduce cellulite;
11 - The localized massages can also improve the appearance of cellulite, since they promote a better circulation, preventing the accumulation of fat in certain zones;
12 - Cellulitis can worsen with age, especially after menopause and everything to the hitchhiker of hormonal changes;
13 - Although cosmetics do not work miracles, some tricks can help, as long as they are applied correctly and at times necessary;
14- Products with caffeine or retinol are effective in reducing cellulite and orange peel effect.