Why did I lose weight unexpectedly?

Unexpected and even sudden weight loss can be the consequence of a number of health problems.

According to the journal Prevention, one of the conditions that most affects weight is thyroid disease. As noted by endocrinologist Anne Cappola, the weight loss associated with this hormone is one of the most notorious consequences of hyperthyroidism, and may arise side by side with sleep problems and body heat.

Also celiac disease can cause unexpected weight loss. Not only can this autoimmune disease interfere with the ability to absorb nutrients but it is often accompanied by diarrhea.
Why did I lose weight unexpectedly?

In the list of causes for an unintentional weight loss is still the diabetes that, according to Cappola, can have a more notorious impact in the early days of the disease. The doctor also says that depression also has something to say, as well as rheumatoid arthritis, another autoimmune disease that, because of its origin in inflammation, affects the body almost in its entirety, usually affecting the intestine.

More severe types of cancer - whether those affecting the intestines or the stomach or those already detected at an advanced stage - can also cause weight loss, with malnutrition and anorexia being two of the most common consequences of cancer treatments.

Of course, food choices also have something to say, with poor nutrient diets being the primary direct cause of weight loss.