Wash or do not wash!

It may seem like something of common sense, but there are things that forget to wash before eating and others that washes unnecessarily.

Wash or do not wash!
Vegetables and fruits should always be thoroughly washed before eating. Canned foods, vegetables, legumes or fruits should also be washed at all times, since they generally contain high salt and / or sugar contents, as well as other additives to maintain product stability.
The rice should be washed before cooking, and should be passed through cold water and drained two to three times before being prepared. There are even those who advise to soak it overnight to avoid exposure to arsenic.
One thing that you may also be forgetting to wash before consuming are the cans or bottles of drinks. The website Mashed emphasizes that these packages are in contact with things that we do not even make ideas and that if you go to drink directly from the can or the bottle you have to take care of double, having to wash and dry very well the upper part.
It is also advisable to wash cans and food jars before opening, for the same reasons presented in canned or bottled beverages.
For foods that do not require washing or may even be dangerous if washed, the raw meats stand out. Since in the case of chicken meat, washing it can increase the risk of salmonella and spread the bacteria through the surfaces of your home.
Packaged salads or vegetables have had a pre-wash before being placed in the packs, so they will not need to be washed again. But pay attention to these products, as experts warn that they carry the increased risk of containing salmonella.
You should also try to avoid rinsing raw fish, as this helps bacteria spread through your kitchen. Choose to buy fish already prepared and taken and you will be ready to cook.
It is not recommended that you wash the purchased eggs as this increases the risk of cross-contamination. Before they are packaged the eggs have gone through a washing process to remove the bacteria, at the end of which they have been applied a protective layer of mineral oil, do not need to re-wash them.
Pasta is also something you do not need or need to wash, either before or after your cooking. Doing so will remove its natural starches that give it texture and flavor.