Want french fries?

Choosing the right potatoes and having some care before and after frying can make all the difference, but in most cases to get decent restaurant fries you need a secret ingredient: corn starch.

Want crispy fries?
The Greatist site experts have shared the best tips for getting the wonderful chips, crisp potatoes on the outside, cute inside and that can work for both the fried potatoes in the oven and those made in the oven:
1. Opt for the red potatoes, or Russet. They have a lot of starch that helps them to be crunchy on the outside;
2. Cut them thin, but do not overdo it. The potatoes should be about six millimeters thick so they do not get burnt or too dry and have a soft interior;
3. Dry well before frying or baking. If you want crisps, know that water is an enemy to fight. So dry the potatoes thoroughly with cooking paper before frying them in the oil or oven;
4. Put the potatoes in the secret ingredient. For every half a pound of potatoes use a tablespoon of corn starch. Pass the potatoes over the corn starch and you will see the magic happening;
5. Do not forget the fat. Fried in oil or olive oil, the potatoes should be completely dipped in fat. If you choose to make the fries in the oven, you should not forget to put them on a thin layer of fat, one or two tablespoons of olive oil for each half a kilo of potatoes;
6. Spread them evenly. In the oil, do not put too many potatoes as they will be tight and soft. Also in the oven do not forget to spread them well leaving some space between them;
7. Very hot. The potatoes should be fried on the stove, in the fryer or in the oven at high temperatures. In the case of the oven, this should be preheated to 230 degrees.
8. Make sure you turn the potatoes to be well-fried on both sides;
9. Eat them as soon as possible. Remove the potatoes from the fryer or the oven, season with a little salt and serve them very hot, as they begin to lose their crispness when they leave the heat.