Thinking about getting pregnant?

Female fertility does not depend only on genetics, it depends, in large part, on what is done every day.

Thinking about getting pregnant?
There are habits that can even interfere with a woman's ability to get pregnant:
The habit of being in front of screens at night and especially before bed, this moment, which even seems harmless, can even interfere with sleep quality, increasing stress levels and thus reducing the likelihood of the woman becoming pregnant.
Not spending time in the sun (or not eating foods high in vitamin D) is another aspect to take into account, since this is the energy vitamin and one of the best strengthens the immune system and benefits good health in a way general.
Although the use of lubricants can greatly improve the sexual activity and pleasure of the woman, these products should be avoided to the maximum when the goal is to conceive in the short or medium term. The chemicals present in this type of product and that have an impact on the reproductive health of women, opt for natural lubricants, with a pH balanced and free of parabens is ideal.
Routinely ingesting processed foods is also an aspect that interferes with fertility, since overweight is directly associated with the inability to conceive, consumption of foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, are beneficial as well as consumption of fruits and vegetables.
Exposure to plastics may also play a key role in female fertility, especially in cases where a woman often eats stored and heated foods in plastic containers.