The prints arrived!

The shows have shown that prints are going to be a major trend of hot seasons, stripes, squares, plaid, flowers, balls, 'animal print' are some of the trends that are dominating male fashion.
In the passerelles of influential brands like Prada and Gucci they brought their reinterpretations of prints and patterns.

The question is do you know how to adhere to this trend without leaving your style or looking like you're trying too hard.
The prints arrived!
First of all you need some criteria in the choice of stamped parts that you want to use. If your style is more conservative, you may not want to go for the big floral patterns, but prefer the more discreet stripes, squares, or florals.
Then, in case of doubt, a look should combine the embossed piece with a simple base. That is, with jeans, black or white pants. Or try to combine the other pieces with the colors present in the print. For example, if the sweater is white, blue and red, you can wear blue pants.
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