Natural Ways to Relieve Headache

You got a headache pill?

This is one of the issues most often posed by those who have a headache and is seen as a mirror of the tendency to resort to drugs for the treatment of this condition.

However, medications are far from the only way to alleviate and even banish the headache. There are other or more effective and totally natural forms, releasing the body from the harmful impact of the chemicals used in the production of the drug.

Can walking outdoors help relieve headache and can this be the result of dehydration? Well, in addition to being vital to drink water throughout the day, the publication says that reflexology relates the big toe to the head and that pressing it (with a vigorous walk) helps to relieve the pain you feel.

Creating a kind of weight pad with a sock of two tennis balls (placed at the ends, being necessary to sew one) is another way to relieve the head. Here, the secret is to put the sock with the balls in the area that hurts and move the head calmly, this peanut-shaped 'cushion' can also be placed on the neck, helping to relax. And to relax even more effectively, you can still use breathing techniques, which not only soothe but promote greater fluidity of oxygen within the body, a fundamental aspect to prevent headache.


Natural Ways to Relieve Headache

Although the headaches are not all the same, there is one common denominator that should never be devalued: food. As nutritionist Alexis Poole explains, headache can arise or even intensify when you have not eaten for a long time and are the result of falling glucose levels. Mixing a little cayenne pepper in lime juice and lukewarm water is also a way to relieve headaches, as well as shake your head gently, removing the tension that lodges in the neck and that may be intensifying the feeling of bad -be.

As it could not fail to be, turning off the computer and stopping using the mobile devices are also effective ways of curbing the headache, often associated with a greater visual effort. And speaking of vision, the use of sunglasses is also a fairly simple and effective way to prevent and relieve headache.

As with any other health problem, do not think too much about the subject and abstracting the mind from the pain helps relieve the symptoms as well as inhale the aroma of rosemary, plant with relaxing power. Using rosemary essential oil and spreading it around the neck also helps.