Much stronger, shiny and healthy hair

Wet your hair, apply and scrub the shampoo, rinse and that's it?

The stylist Ian Florey says that if you wash so your hair is wrong, there is an essential step you are not performing: repeat the process.

Many people see shampoos instructions, apply, rinse and repeat, as a way to make us use more product, but according to Ian Florey it is essential to apply twice the shampoo without sulfates.


Much stronger, shiny and healthy hair

Underline until you wet your hair, apply and rub the shampoo, rinse, re-apply and rub the shampoo and rinse one last time is the essential trick to turn the hair, leaving it "much stronger, shiny and healthy" according to Quotes the Independent.

Of course the effect is not immediate but, according to the expert, in just a few weeks or months the improvements should be visible.

But why should we apply shampoo twice?

In the first wash, traces of dirt resulting from pollution and styling products (wax, gel, foam, lacquer, oil, etc.) will be removed, so you need to wash the second time so that the nutritive properties of the shampoo act directly on the washed hair.