Mistakes to Avoid When Running

Running is one of the easiest and most accessible sports, but also one of the most mistakes that athletes make.

But although it is one of the simplest activities to practice, racing is also one of the most mistakes that athletes make, one of the most classic mistakes is about shoes.

There are many myths associated with running shoes, but there is nothing worse for a runner than wearing the wrong shoes (and not respecting your type of foot and foot shape) and not testing new shoes before a test ( Doing it on the day of the race).


Mistakes to Avoid When Running

Since running is one of the sports that can cause the most injuries, even knowing that it is ultimately beneficial to the knees, another common mistake that can condition performance and physical health is the habit of not stretching correctly . Before a race, whether long-distance or not, you should always do a little warm-up that stimulates elasticity or even include activities such as swimming, yoga or weight-lifting in the training plan, which not only improve the Flexibility, how they strengthen muscles and make them more capable of protecting joints.

However, there are stretches to avoid:

  • Before the running, for example, the athlete should not do the usual stretching in which he sits with his legs stretched out and grabs his feet with his hands. Static stretches are to be avoided as they condition the athlete's ability to jump, which in the race is important to determine the pace and define the foot impact on the ground.
  • Also in weight training, static stretches are unnecessary because they can put your muscles at risk during training, as they get more 'stuck'.
  • Runners should also give up the habit of stretching for 15 minutes after the race in the hope of not having any pain. While it may even help 'cool', stretching may even bring some muscle pain and not prevent it from appearing.
  • Unless the athlete already has some elasticity and ease of movement of the body, stretching in the dancer style (standing and with the torso bent forward until the hands touch the feet) should be avoided, because the risks to the spine Are great when it does not run properly or is done under stress.
But there is another common mistake among runners and it has nothing to do with the practice of running itself. The ego too loud is one of the biggest villains of the performance, since a good part of the athletes tries to be always better than the others, even if they are not in the best physical form for that.