Juicy Chicken

The chicken can be difficult to cook, because too much time in the oven or on the stove, it gets raw, and more time stays dry.
Yes, it can be difficult to find that balance and get juicy chicken meat, but it's worth it.
Thigh or chest? A good way to ensure that you put juicy chicken meat on the plate is to choose the parts with the highest fat and which get wetter. Therefore, between the chest or thigh, your choice should be the thigh. Aside from being juicier, this is a cheaper part.
The right method to cook the breast is to make a combo between frying, baking and stewing. That is, you can pass the breast in a pan with oil to seal the meat, then water with wine, let evaporate, add vegetable broth and take to the oven for about 40 minutes, depending on the thickness of the chest, this method works well with breasts without Skin, but it is even better if you include the skin, then you can remove it on the plate.

Juicy Chicken
Chicken breast as a secondary ingredient. If you want to use chicken bites in salads or pastas, you should try to cut even pieces. Then just season the meat, and saute it in a hot frying pan with olive oil. Cover the skillet and let it cook in the juices themselves for ten minutes.
Attention to temperature. Do not chop or cut the meat to see if it is cooked, this will release the juices and make the meat does not have as much flavor, in addition to being able to dry. Instead choose objective methods such as using a meat thermometer. The chicken should not exceed 75ÂșC.
Grilled. If you want to grill the chicken or make it on the plate, consider the previous advice, but be especially careful with the cut of the piece that will grill. In the case of steaks, they should have an approximate size and an equal thickness. Then just cook a few minutes on each side and that's it, do not always turn the meat, just do it once.