How about drinking only water?

A very simple change that can have great repercussions in terms of health and well being, water is a source of life, has no calories, kills thirst and is essential for the functioning of the body.
However there are other drinks that can attract us more, from soft drinks to alcoholic beverages, which although they may contain water, do not have the same benefits nor perform the same functions.

How about drinking only water?
What can happen when you replace all drinks with water?
  • You can lose weight and lose weight faster;
  • It will have more energy;
  • The brain will work better;
  • You will have less appetite and will eventually eat less;
  • Your body will be able to eliminate toxins more quickly;
  • It will be healthier because a well-hydrated and leaner body has less risk of developing diseases. In addition without the consumption of alcohol and sugar the body will also be healthier;
  • The heart will work better;
  • In about a month you will see that your skin is softer and the pores are cleaner;
And, of course, it saves money because water is much cheaper than alcohol and soft drinks.