Do successful people have no doubts?

The imposter syndrome is quite common and successful people are the ones at the mercy of this condition.
A successful person is a determined, conscious and confident person. But he is also a person with doubts, whether they are about others or about themselves.
This constant doubt about their capabilities makes successful people one of the groups most prone to the impostor syndrome, a condition that makes people feel less capable than they really are (or claim to be), fearing to be discovered by such .

Do successful people have no doubts?
And how do successful people deal with doubt?
They tend to recognize the repeated patterns that may be interfering with their well-being and confidence, and thereby being able to change their own way of thinking.
Moreover, while they are critical of everything they do, they are always able to find answers to their questions, whether they are positive or not. Only then are they able to see if their doubts are valid or if they are nothing more than a mirror of the insecurity they feel.
But for successful people to be able to deal with their own doubts and face them, they must be able not to let fear speak louder. Even though it is an important aspect of decision making, fear can never be an impediment to wanting to do more and better, because even this feeling has the power to banish positive thoughts.