Before a long-distance running what not to eat

While some foods are fundamental to physical and emotional endurance, others are real enemies of good performance, and all because they provoke one of the most feared situations for athletes: diarrhea during the race.
Common in long-distance running, diarrhea can not only be a very embarrassing but also a painful time, since it is almost always accompanied by cramps and abdominal pains.
One of the first aspects to take into account, is to exclude coffee, since caffeine has a direct and unpredictable acting in the intestinal transit. If the idea is to get a boost of energy before the test, it is best to change the coffee for the apple, according to Prevention magazine.

Before a long-distance running what not to eat
High-fiber cereals are also to be avoided, including oatmeal, especially if they are combined with red fruits and chia seeds, two other foods that stimulate intestinal transit and which, when combined, can be a True 'bomb'. For the runner and author of the book 'Eating in Color', Frances Largeman-Roth, there is nothing better and satiating than a pancake with peanut butter and banana.
Foods processed and sweetened with sorbitol (a rapidly absorbed chemical sugar) are also to be avoided, as are spicy foods. In the day before the test, one should not eat very spicy foods because they speed up the metabolism and promote a better functioning of the intestinal transit that, by itself, is already stimulated enough during the physical activity.
Prevention, who spoke with health experts and experienced athletes, says that dairy products should not be included in the pre-running meal and that legumes should also be banned as they contain high levels of fiber.