Balenciaga launches bag similar to IKEA bag

It seems that the IKEA bag is not just for carrying the purchases or the dirty clothes, it can even be considered a piece of fashionable affirmation.
The Balenciaga fashion house seems to have been inspired by the well-known IKEA bag to create a tote bag.

Balenciaga launches bag similar to IKEA bag
The suitcase that costs 1,670 pounds has the same size, shape and color as the Frakta bag from IKEA and even has two pairs of different size handles.
So at first glance, as the British newspaper The Sun points out, the only differences between the suitcase and the bag are that Balenciaga did not use the IKEA logo on the handles, opted for another type of outer material (blue leather) and put a clasp On top.
Ah! I already forgot the price, the bag of IKEA costs 0.59 pounds, a little less! Lol